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1) Except precision, all the delivered material is new, with double packing for forwardings, the invoice acting as guarantee. The photographs of the selected materials of other marks are not contractual.
2) the guarantee of the Guiston products is 2 years - PARTS AND LABOUR - 5 years for OTL speakers, in the event of return for repair the port is regulated by the customer and the carryforward by the Guiston Companies. The reactualizations do not form part of the guarantee, they are proposed at very studied all-in prices. Our promotions are limited to stock available.
3) the forwarding costs are payable directly to the conveyor (in against-refunding of port) or you can also include them with the payment of your order (please contact us).
4) the promotional offers or various handing-over are not cumulable between them, except justifying writings. The Guiston products being subjected to a constant evolution, features may change constantly.
5) Transport and forwarding: The deliveries are ensured by Ducros transport for France, Switzerland... (Other destinations by forwarding agents, for DomTom, please contact us)
6) Modes of payment:
·Payment cash with the order: You join to your purchase order the integral amount of your purchase by applying a handing-over of 5%. Payment the cash on the delivery in against-refunding with the conveyor (to envisage the expenses of against-refunding)
·Payment in several monthly payments: You join to your purchase order the payments in equal shares of 2, 3, or 4 times without supplement of expenses (for more deadlines, to consult us). The first payment being boxed with reception, the following shifted every month at the same date.

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